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Postto entertained Picnic Day celebration and interviewed with Collage professors in the US Campus


On April 22, Postto celebrated annual Picnic Day open house with students held at UC Davis. At this annual open house festival, Postto team introduced their new App "Postto" specially designed to edit photos and GIFs in a dynamic and vibrant way. Right after the event, Leomaster team met professors from Communication and Media institute at the University of Southern, California for a deeper discussion.

Postto Entertained Picnic Day celebration and interviewed Collage professors in the US Campus

Postto manages to grab the attention from the youngsters in campus, with its new, unique and vibrant features. Students showed their full interests in exploring this new App which became the hot favorite in the event. 

Over 60,000 people attended the Picnic Day at UC Davis on 22 April 2017. The theme of this year was "Growing Together" by giving the opportunity to visitors to experience the diversity and achievements of UC Davis.

Getting involved with the Postto entertainment, visitors really enjoyed the entire process of taking and editing photos by Postto and posting them on Instagram or Facebook to share their amusing moment. Moreover, about 1,000 active visitors got chance to pre-test the upcoming version of Postto, taking part of the fresh experience.

"It meant to discover new possibilities for Postto in the future. This was more than a launch event." As the first transnational partnership in the past 103 Picnic Day events, Postto's experience was very joyful and amazing throughout the event.

In the University of Southern California, Postto team had a very insightful discussion with Professor David Craig and Professor Ben Lee, from Communication and Media institute. Professor Craig is a Clinical Assistant Professor, engaged in a global, multiyear research of social media entertainment. On the other side, Professor Ben Lee, the Clinical Professor, brought his study experience of human performance to the discussion. By comparing with the social media influencers both in China and US, Postto team and USC professors presented and shared their views on the field of social media influencers.

Is there any possibility for a new app like Postto to build a strong connection with influencers on social media for app promotion and monetization? After the insightful discussion, lots of new ideas are born for both sides. Definitely Postto team and the professors will go further and discover more possibilities together in the future.

Postto- The totally new way to edit the photo and GIFs in a dynamic way and make them look alive with new features like live stickers, dynamic frames, motion effects and mashup functions. Postto makes editing of the photo and video more interesting and creative, also lets you edit GIF and share them with one tap. 

Postto is available for both Apple and Android users.
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Postto is a product of "LEOMASTER", a global pioneer and practitioner in providing technology and service for mobile with more than 200 million users around the globe and committed to building an immersive and highly extended ecosystem.


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