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LEOMASTER Releases Version 4.1 of LEO Privacy


LEOMASTER Releases Version 4.1 of LEO Privacy

LEOMASTER Releases Version 4.1 of LEO Privacy

This latest version of LEO Privacy, 4.1, focuses three core features in the home screen in accordance with user habits, Privacy Lock, Privacy Album and Privacy Video. Version 4.1 uses real-time alerts to help users to manage their privacy with one tap.

Cell phone loss and inadvertant uninstalling of apps have becoming very common issues, which create threats for the leak of personal information and important files. According to the Private Data Report of Overseas Mobile Users, after enabling the anti-theft feature of LEO Privacy, the chance for users to find lost phones was substantially increased, to 48.5%, nearly seven times higher than users who didn't enable an anti-theft feature.

To deal with these risks, the latest version of LEO Privacy includes new buttons on the home screen, Uninstalling Protection and Anti-theft, to protect agaisnt data loss in the event of a lost phone and to prevent uninstalling LEO Privacy in one tap. Whether its photos, videos or the important apps, LEO Privacy will protect users' privacy in a more direct and faster way!

More professional Privacy Protection

In addition to its three core features -- Privacy Lock, Privacy Album and Privacy Video -- Version 4.1 includes a new Private Browsing feature, which provides users with more privacy protection than normal apps for their internet searching.

Private Browsing can clear search terms intelligently, making browsing more secure from snoopers. Moreover, the new version works on details as well, providing users with a convenient and practical service -- downloading images and videos with one tap.

Compared with the app's older version, version 4.1 pays more attention to providing users with privacy protection solutions, making it easier to use. The unique features of Privacy Album and Privacy Video are able to encrypt users' private images and videos in the phone quickly. With just one tap, users can put images and videos into LEO Privacy, and nobody can see them through other approaches. Only the user, who accesses LEO Privacy with right password, can see the hidden images or videos, completely avoiding the embarrassment of privacy disclosure.

Users not only need to avoid the embarrassment of privacy disclosure when lending out their phones, but they also need to protect their personal information in some apps. Version 4.1 makes locking apps easy and simple: just lock the apps that you want to protect, and you have to enter the password to open them next time. No matter whether you choose a pattern or lock-cover as your unlockingmethod, LEO Privacy is able to provide users with an extremely personal privacy security solution.

Refreshing Update with Bright New Experience

Version 4.1 adopts its previous color, blue, as its main hue, and, for the first time, shows its main features through a Waterfall layout, making the interface easy to operate and elegant. The overall design has a bright new look, making the operating process more efficient and smooth.

Moreover, the latest version will also invite global users to participate in the action of privacy protection; they'll be able to see their LEO Privacy rank among all global users.

LEOMASTER, a pioneer and innovator in promoting mobile Internet privacy protection in China, is continuously exploring solutions in the privacy protection field and developing products based on user needs. LEO Privacy version 4.1 is not only providing professional and comprehensive privacy protection solutions for mobile internet users but is also setting the stage for the huge potential globalprivacy protection in the future.

Click here to download the latest version of LEO Privacy from the Google Play Store:

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