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LEOMASTER Celebrated Independence Day and Malhar With Over 40,000 Youngsters in Mumbai

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Early this week, LEOMASTER, a leading mobile app solution provider landed in the annual festival of St Xavier's College, Malhar to promote their flagship app LEO Privacy and introduce their new app - Secret Base which is designed for interests sharing and lipsync app BiuBiu.

More than 40,000 visitors attended the annual festival of St Xavier's College, Malhar, in Mumbai on 14th, 15th and 16th of August 2016. The theme of this year's Malhar was 'The Junction' and it proved to be a crowd-puller as colleges from Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai participated with great enthusiasm. The cultural convoy is aimed at fetching out the artistic and technical aspects of students by giving them a platform to showcase their talent.

LEOMASTER holds a sense of pride in sponsoring this 3-day blast in fusion of entertainment, creativity, competition and enthusiasm. LEOMASTER showcased its premium products namely LEO Privacy, Secret Base and BiuBiu among the youngsters attending the extravaganza. While LEO Privacy has been in market for a while and is trusted by all its users, Secret Base and BiuBiu became a local favourite at Malhar amongst the visitors.


Secret Base lets its users keep all their confidential pictures, classified videos and other untold treasures safe in a base created by them. In Secret Base, users can join their base and share their interest. Each base has its unique theme, just upload and like your favourites inside. Users can discover whatever they want in Secret Base and make it their own.

LEO Privacy, is No. 1 Android app to protect smartphone privacy. Users can hide their secrets with only one tap. It locks all private apps, like - Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, and Messenger and protects your private information. It has more in-built features like break-in-alert and harassment intercept which makes it a complete all-in-one app.

BiuBiu is an amazing and brand-new short video lip sync app. Users can switch various styles of audio or video in a snap through all kinds of motion stickers and intelligent recognition.

The students at Malhar adored LEOMASTER and the three apps. The crowds couldn't help but share LEO Privay, Secret Base and BiuBiu on popular social media.

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