Postto entertained Picnic Day celebration and interviewed with Collage professors in the US Campus

On April 22, Postto celebrated annual Picnic Day open house with students held at UC Davis. At this annual open house festival, Postto team introduced their new App "Postto" specially designed to edit photos and GIFs in a dynamic and vibrant way. Right after the event, Leomaster team met professors from Communication and Media institute at the University of Southern, California for a deeper discussion.

LEOMASTER Releases Version 4.1 of LEO Privacy

This latest version of LEO Privacy, 4.1, focuses three core features in the home screen in accordance with user habits, Privacy Lock, Privacy Album and Privacy Video. Version 4.1 uses real-time alerts to help users to manage their privacy with one tap.

LEOMASTER Released the Private Data Report of Overseas Mobile Users in the First Half of 2016

The number of global smartphone users reached 3.4 billion by the first quarter of 2016. Private information of mobile devices is increasing rapidly with the growing number of mobile devices, and privacy issue has become a great concern among people. LEO Privacy, the world’s first safety product with 300 million users owned by LEOMASTER, recently released Private Data Report of Overseas Mobile Users in the First Half of 2016. This report provides a multi-dimensional analysis on the usage data of privacy protection app among users from different countries, which has great significance for us to have a deep understanding of overseas users’ privacy protection habits.

LEOMASTER Celebrated Independence Day and Malhar With Over 40,000 Youngsters in Mumbai

More than 40,000 visitors attended the annual festival of St Xavier's College, Malhar, in Mumbai on 14th, 15th and 16th of August 2016. The theme of this year's Malhar was 'The Junction' and it proved to be a crowd-puller as colleges from Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai participated with great enthusiasm. The cultural convoy is aimed at fetching out the artistic and technical aspects of students by giving them a platform to showcase their talent.

LEOMASTER is coming to St. Xaviers College! Are you?

St. Xavier’s College is one such educational institution which strives to inculcate a sense of responsibility in students who will build a more just and humane world. It strives for an intellectual endeavour that focuses on critical and creative thinking, with the aim of social transformation.

We know people care about privacy, so why won't they pay for it?

With fewer than 6,000 units sold, Silent Circle’s privacy-focused Blackphone was a huge flop. It highlights a bigger problem with how people value security

Victims lost an average of a day’s time dealing with mobile security issues: Norton’s Study

Norton by Symantec released the India findings from the Norton Mobile Survey that sheds light on the security gaps and the privacy and security risks smartphone and mobile applications (apps) present. It highlights that consumers in India are trading their personal information in exchange for free mobile apps, exposing themselves and their private data to risks.

Battle of the secure messaging apps: how signal beats whatsapp

THIS SPRING, TEXT messages got a lot more private. In April, the world’s most popular messaging service, WhatsApp, announced it would use end-to-end encryption to protect privacy by default for all users, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept private WhatsApp privacy, even if they work at Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, or at the world’s most powerful electronic spying agency, the NSA. Then in May, tech giant Google announced a brand new messaging app called Allo that also supports end-to-end encryption to protect users’ private data on mobile devices.

Millions of Android devices have flawed full disk encryption

Those running on Qualcomm processors are particularly vulnerable.

Ecological report on Indian mobile internet Chindia strategic cooperation

The comparison of economies in China and India is one of the hottest topics worldwide.