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Change the Way You Lock the Phone: LEOMASTER Released LEO Privacy 3.6


Change the Way You Lock the Phone: LEOMASTER Released LEO Privacy...

LEOMASTER recently released the new and improved version of its security app LEO Privacy, the latest version 3.6 brings quite a few new features while offering 'Magic Lock' as the prime new feature. Being one of the most downloaded privacy-protecting app, the latest LEO Privacy 3.6 has improved user experience with a brand-new home screen along with the world’s first Magic Lock feature that works on Airsig Technology. Here's what Magix Lock brings to the latest version of LEO Privacy.

Magic Lock: Lock your phone with air gestures!
LEO Privacy 3.6 has attempted to reinvent the way to lock your phone by introducing Magic Lock which works on Airsig (a short form for air signature) technology.  The Airsign Unlock technology for smartphones enables you to write anything in the air with your phone to lock and unlock the device. Even if someone is peaking while you are writing or drawing something in air, it is almost impossible to replicate the same. Moreover, it is super-quick, easy and advanced. Currently the Airsig technology is available on select devices which support Gyroscope.

Apart from Magic Lock, the latest update brings a bunch of cool new features as well, take a look!
A New Home Screen with Improved User Experience

LEO Privacy 3.6 introduces a brand-new home screen, which features Privacy Status and integrates the functionality of App Lock, Magic Lock, Safe Box, and Harassment Intercept. 
You can easily find your phone’s privacy-leakage level in real-time and get solutions at just a glance. With one click, you can solve all the potential risks of privacy leakages with three shortcuts of locking apps, hiding photos and videos.

Privacy Status Takes Center Stage
As a legacy of LEOMASTER privacy protection, this new release of LEO Privacy 3.6 is brilliant with its five more main features of Privacy Status, App Lock, Safe Box, Harassment Intercept and Break-in Alert. Privacy status scanning function can quickly identify the potential risks in your cell phones via touching it, and a solution will be provided to optimize if there are potential privacy and security risks. Users just need to follow the process to get their privacy settings in place and gain protection. Comming issues regarding trouble with harassing calls and messages are dealt via the smart Harassment Intercept feature. It will auto check and blacklist them immediately. A hard but sure-shot way of keeping those pesky calls and messages at bay. Similaly, if you happen to doubt any kind of intrusion on your smartphone, the Break-in Alert feature captures the intruder's selfies and show them in the timeline. It’s reported that 70% phone owners experienced phone loss or thefts. The Anti-theft function in LEO Privacy 3.6 will help locate your phone, and lock all apps to prevent your personal data from leakage or misuse.

All of these useful functions above are integrated in one app, LEO Privacy 3.6, in the simplest and easiest way.
You can download Leo Privacy from the Google PlayStore via thislink:

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